Our New Patio is Our Favorite Part of the House


I wanted to give my wife a really great anniversary gift, so I took my time in thinking about what she would really appreciate. She is not the type to wear expensive jewelry, and I knew she would rather stay home with our family and friends rather than go on a cruise or a trip to Italy. Family and friends are what keeps her going, and that is how I came to the decision to contact a paving contractor in Nassau County NY for her anniversary gift. It might be hard to connect the two, so I will do that for you.

My wife loves to entertain, so our house is always filled with either our family, our friends, friends of our kids, or a mix of all three. We have a huge yard plus a swimming pool, so there is always something to do. I knew she would love to have a bigger patio though because the one we had was just big enough for a table and four chairs. Our yard is big enough to have a patio that is three or four times the size of what we had, so I decided to give that to her for a gift.

The paving contractor that I hired has done a lot of patios, so I was able to look through a lot of photographs to determine what we would like to have. I almost made the decision on my own, but thankfully the contractor told me that if this was a gift, then perhaps my wife should have some input on what she wants. That turned out be sound advice, because she loved the idea and had some suggestions that I would not have thought of. It took less than a week for the patio to be completed, and it is now our favorite part of the house!